Dear friends: We can delivery in 1 minutes to 20minutes, most orders in 5 minutes! if you have no got your gold after you ordered longer time, Please contact with us as soon as possible. Thank you very much!
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Your Best Choice OKAYGOLD

  • Lowest Price
  • We promise cheap game currency for all games & platforms with timely update. There're also discounts on holidays.
  • Quick Transaction
  • After we check over the order, we can deliver your gold in 3 minutes to 12 hours, most orders about 10 minutes if we have full stock.
  • Safety Assurance
  • No hacked game currency or accounts.Hand-farmed Swtor Credits & FFXIV Gil & Aion Kinah & RuneScape Gold & other Game Coins.
  • Refund Policy
  • If you're not satisfied with our goods or service,We Could Issue A Full Refund Before Delivery.Enjoy Game Enjoy Life,OKAYGOLD.COM is your Best Choice!


Select your server:

1B Swtor Credits = 1000M Credits = 1000 000K Credits = 1000 000 000 Credits

Swtor Credits Trade Method:

ATTENTION: we can't trade you if your account is free account !

1-->Face to Face Trade:

1)We suggest to choose this method, the fastest delivery in 1 minutes.

2)If you buy more amount swtor credits, you can choose this trade mehod, very safe for Trade.

3)After we verify your order, our sender will invite you to stronghold for trade in short time, Maybe you need to pay the travel commission( travel fee), the most 2000 credits, but if you worry about it, you can tell our sender when you trade, he will give you that time. If pass that time, we can't give you again. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2-->Ingame Mail:  

1)After we send swtor credits to you, the credits will be dalayed 30 minutes.Because the game mail system need 30 minutes.

2)If you are new player, this method maybe you lost swtor credits, if you can't be carefully collect swtor credits. 

3)If you buy more than 500M swtor credits. don't choose this method, maybe your account will be banned.

4)No safer than face to face Trade.

3-->Auction House Trade:  

1)We need verify your items name and quantity on auction house, so need you are online, and keep contact with us any time.

2)We need more than 6 hours for buy your items after we verify your items and quantity of credits.

3)Very Safe, but not Fast.

Dear friend : when you ordering, please keep any information is correct,

If you give us wrong order's information,maybe you will not get your Swtor Gold, Please be careful.

Sell Swtor to us

Dear friend, 

if you have more swtor credits stock, you can sell to us, best price !

1, at least 500M;

2, we can trade you every day.

3, the payment is very safe to you.

4, after we get the swtor credits, we will pay to you in short time.

5, if you need any help, you can come to our live chat, or Email to us:

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