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How to buy Cheapest Aion Classic Kinah?

The process of buying currency for Aion is very simple - here is all that you need to do:

  • Select a server that you are playing on from the dropdown list.

  • Find yourself a payment method that suits your needs.

  • Pick the amount of Kinah to purchase or type how much you are willing to spend.

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  • Check the order preview and confirm that everything is correct.

  • Complete payment with the method that you have chosen.

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  • Enjoy your new riches! Contact us on the Live Chat if you have additional questions. We are here to help!

How to trade Aion Classic Kinah?

  1. InGame-Mail;

  2. Face To Face;

  3. Private Store;

  4. Trade Via Broker(You need pay the Trade fee).

About Aion Classic

Aion Classic is a server which has restored the contents of the original Aion service that began in 2009 so that they could be enjoyed again. It operates on a separate server from the currently Live server and will be provided as an official, ongoing service rather than an event.

The content of the Aion Classic is based on the original 1.0 update. This server features PvE content up to level 50 as well as Rift and Fortress Battles for PvP.

However, there are many players who experienced difficulties in the original Aion due to the high EXP required to advance. These issues have been corrected in Classic, and adjustments have been made to reach the highest level in a shorter amount of time.

The contents are 1.0, but the implemented client system is version 2.7, so you can expect to see a more balanced and optimized version. For example, Remove Shock Skills and the Two-Handed Weapon Integration System that allows Altered State to escape have been applied.

About Aion Classic Kinah

Aion Classic Kinah is the main currency in Aion Classic. It is central to the game, allowing the purchase of numerous items, services, and transportation between areas and regions. Without sufficient Kinah, it would be challenging to progress in the game. However, there are several ways to gain Kinah:

Kinah can be gained through completing quests. This is perhaps the most lucrative way of making money, as the rewards are normally quite large.

As a rule, the harder the quest (higher level required to accept and complete), the more money given, so the money gain will increase exponentially as the character's level does.

Killing NPCs:
Most NPCs drop Kinah of some quantity, but the quantities are more often than not quite small.

As a rule, humanoids are more likely to drop Kinah, while Beasts tend to drop Bones, Herbs, and Plants or miscellaneous items.

Selling Items:
Direct Player-to-Player trading can be completed in a number of ways:

- Setting up a private store in a city or town
- Requesting a trade with another character
- Selling items over the Region chat

Depending on the market, players may only accept a request to trade with prior conversation. Setting up a private store invites players to look at the wares but does not guarantee a sale. Sales over Region chat (or any other chat) will invite players with a specific want but may take time.

About Aion Classic Kinah Trade Attention

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